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Happy Time Doodles

in Richmond, Kentucky

So many people like us have children who have allergy issues. When we discovered our children were allergic to not only the family dog but most animal dander and fur we were all very upset. Like most people we love the companionship of our furry family member and could not imagine life without them. We originally started searching for Labradoodles which led us to the Australian Labradoodle breed. We were surprised to find out how the founding members of the breed had a vision to create a breed that was not only a perfect companion/therapy dog but also was very allergy friendly with the non-shedding coat.

With much anticipation we took our children to meet the Australian Labradoodle puppies prior to purchasing one to see if it was true and sure enough no adverse allergies issues whatsoever. We all fell in love with the personalities and temperaments of the dogs and decided to help other families with allergy issues and become Australian Labradoodle breeders of the line. Come see for yourself and meet our puppies. We promise you will love them as much as we do.

-Sean and Jennifer Tibbetts

Our Facility

We are breeders of Australian Labradoodles and are located in beautiful horse country of Central Kentucky in the small town of Richmond. Our Facility is also our home so we can give our Doodles the proper attention they deserve. We even have one acre of fenced in property for them to run and play as well as several rooms dedicated for our puppies and loving mothers.

Our Promise

We stand behind our puppies knowing they all come from the founding bloodlines in Australian and have a top quality ALAA certified pedigree. All of our Dams and Sires have had hip/elbow dysplasia tests, PRA, DNA profile from PawPrints and optical exams.

Every litter of puppies is born and raised in our loving caring home. We begin early neurological stimulation from day 3-16 and we use the Volhard Puppy Aptitude test to determine the perfect puppy for your home.

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Health is very important to us and our dogs are tested for OFA hips and elbows, eyes through CERF, PRA, vWd, heart and thyroid.

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